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We were driving around, Craig and I, on a much needed vacation.  He leaned over & asked "what are you passionate about?".  I didn't have to think long about it.  I knew immediately and soon, so did he.  Little did we know that question would light a spark and eventually turn into the business of my dreams.   

I'm Jena.  Wife, mom and portrait artist.  

This thing I do . . . it's not just a job.  It's my purpose.  I absolutely love the people that come into my life.  I don't just gain clients, I gain friends along the way as well.  My goal here . . . is simply that every client that walks into the studio will have an amazing experience and will walk out with a collection of the most beautiful images they have ever seen of themselves.

I promise that your session will be fun and relaxed, and that your images will be full of emotion and natural expressions you see everyday.  That's why I added some silly behind the scenes images here.  This really is what our sessions look like :)

I am all about creating a one of a kind experience that is uniquely yours!  I want to capture your passion too!  This is such an big part of your life.  Let's capture it together!

Browse through the galleries for inspiration for your upcoming session.  The Blog is a great place to see our latest work too!  When you are ready to book your senior session please contact us.  I look forward to working with you and your family to create beautiful portraits for you all :)




Why we do what we do  . . . 


Read about our Senior Experience here.